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Faheem Hossain: Spring 2022
Stephanie Szpylka: Fall 2021
Alex Gorski: Spring 2021 
Christina Riveria: Fall 2020 
ERICK SOLIS: Spring 2020 

It is a great pleasure of mine that through the incredible generosity of an alum, Mary O'Conner who attended QC during the 1950s, we are able to have funds to employ both teaching assistants and research assistants.  Ms. O'Connor left a good part of her estate to help students at Queens College majoring in Economics and Business.  Mary O'Connor was an economics major and clearly benefitted from her education at QC. There are many opportunities that her funds provide, including scholarships.  I hope more students will take advantage of the kind and generous gift an alum from a long time ago made to help students.  I also hope that more alums will think as she did, and remember that once you move up and out, there are still many behind you waiting for their chance.  I would never have had the chance to hire such capable students without Mary O'Connor's support.  Her legacy lives on.

ANDRAS BREUER - Spring 2019 Semester

Joan Nix

Andras Breuer is graduating this semester from Queens College with a double major in International Business and Economics. He is a double major in International Business and Economics with a GPA of 3.5. He also is a four-year member of the Men's Soccer team at Queens, serving as captain of the team for the last two years. Andras was Captain when the team reached regional rankings for the first time in the team's history. He is also working closely with an EU based startup called Healhop. In his free-time his either coaching soccer, reading about international politics, or refereeing on the weekends. 

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