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Below is a sample of student/alum feedback I've received.  It has been enriching for me to hear back from so many student over the years.  It is with gratitude that I share these comments.

I enjoyed the course tremendously. I can say that I've developed a new appreciation for economic history. I wish the best for you in this upcoming year. My commencement ceremony is this Thursday, I just wish I had taken more courses with you as a professor.

My email, today, serves as a token of my gratitude for everything I have learned within the duration of the course. Currently, I am a senior and, your class, by far, has not only been the most engaging one I have been in but, also, the most practical one. Not only economic concepts and issues needed for career preparation were introduced, but many of the lessons learned have been assimilated in my daily life as a working college student. Equally important, I have enjoyed this class and I owe that to your model method of teaching and your impeccable ability to effortlessly communicate with us students.

The beauty of the course was its relativity to everyday life and the sessions with Mr. Boccio are, without a doubt, instrumental in my growth as a young adult heading into a career.  In addition, it would be an understatement to say how greatly I admired the ease with which you seamlessly expressed yourself both spoken and written.

As a past student in your class, I can now say that you have not only prepared us for the future, you have prepared us for life.

It was a privilege to be in your class, Professor. I have definitely taken more than a leaf out of your book. My best wishes to you.

I would just like to thank you for the semester, your class was genuinely a delight.

I am emailing you all today with some terrific news! I have been accepted into Georgetown Law, where I will be attending this fall. I wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have provided me throughout the admission process.

Hence, I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing educator and the knowledge you have given me this semester I believe will take me a long way.  I learned so much about Behavioral Finance this semester and yet I did not even know that it exist before I took this course.  This was one of course that made me think outside of the box and the financial world in colors rather than black and white as the textbook make us imagine. 

I wanted to thank you for everything, you have truly been an inspiration and a great source of knowledge. I am sure you get this a lot, and not as a cliché, but you have been the best professor I have ever had (in all the academic institution I've been).  I am really thankful and happy to be your student.

Just wanted to say "Thank you," for all you have done for me during my time spent at Queens College. Your class broadened my mind as well as friendships. I greatly appreciate your sincerity as well as kindness.

I really think your one of the best economic professor's I had in this school. I was wondering if you are teaching any other Econ classes next semester. I really learned a lot from you in Econ 102. I would really like to take another class with you teaching. Thank you so much and I’m really glad I had you for this semester.

I was speaking to a friend of the family yesterday who is attending QC and majoring in Econ and I thought about you. I told him that he needed to make sure to take a class with Joan Nix - the best professor in the school. . . . I was also very lucky to take classes with renowned professors like former Fed Governor Fred Mishkin, Nobel Peace Prize winner Joe Stiglitz, former Bush Econ adviser and dean of the business school Glenn Hubbard, and the father of value investing, Bruce Greenwald. . . . . I feel very indebted to the school where I got my start back in 1995 and to people like you who truly built a great academic foundation for me. Our MBA class was 100 people (inclusive of 4 PhDs, a Medical Doctor, bankers, consultants, etc,) and I was considered the Econ expert and that is thanks to you - I was even asked to tutor on the subject. It is professors like you that change the lives of people like me and I want to make sure that I do the same - you are an inspiration.   (QC alum and MBA from Columbia University).

Also, I just want to thank you for being such an amazing teacher and I really enjoyed my time in your class. I truly learned information beneficial to my future and the way it was taught enabled me not to simply spit back facts but rather to apply knowledge to situations and be able to anticipate future results. Your knowledge is vast and you truly care about your students. Although working in teams proved not to be easy at times, its necessary task learned that fostered my leadership skills and will ultimately assist me in my career, so thank you for everything! Continue inspiring students and being an outstanding educator! 

Thank you Professor Nix for allowing this opportunity to materialize for so many students. Many may not look back next semester but I am sure that at some point in their careers they will silently whisper a thank you to the wind for the lessons we were able to acquire that has helped us to get to the other side where the grass is greener.

Joan - you probably don't remember me, but I was one of your Finance students at QC. I've spoken about you in meetings, to my colleagues and friends about the impact you had on me as my professor. From your teaching style to introducing me to Burton Makiel... 10 years later it has all still stuck with me and I'm doing fantastic in my career. Thanks for everything, you make a huge difference in our lives and you probably don't hear that enough...

Congratulations Professor! We are all so much better off because you gave us the past 25 years. I still remember how you taught me to calculate the breakpoints in the WACC. With a pencil, not a PC! Here's to the next 25yrs, and all the lucky little ones who'll study with you too someday.

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