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There is plenty of readily available information about degree and major requirements.  But I want to do something different.  I want to provide a glimpse into some of the worries and concerns that students have shared with me over a very long teaching career. I began teaching with chalk in hand. There were no smartphones to distract attention! No email! No Instagram! Of course, the good old days of rapt attention is a myth kept alive by nostalgia-seekers.  Yes, the environment has changed, but I hear similar concerns.

The fear of not finding a job, the fear of not graduating, the fear of a D or worse, and for some the fear of a B, have stood in front of me demanding more than a signature.  Given that so many students have shared similar concerns with me, I thought it may be helpful to provide advice through both guest posts and student comments, as well as, comments of my own. I want to offer a glimpse into these concerns by offering brief stories based on actual exchanges.  In an effort to protect the identities of students who may simply value their personal privacy, I have changed names and in some cases, descriptions of clothing, etc. This is simply my attempt to share my experiences advising and teaching students.

These posts will also feature guest posts from Queens College alumni and other notable professionals who have advice to share about both how to make the best of the opportunities you have, and make new opportunities to shape your future.

(To see all posts please scroll to the end of a recent post.)

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