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My Professor's Fault.

Another complaint I get a lot is about horrible, awful, terrible, instructors. I immediately look at the student’s transcript to see if the student in front of me is struggling with grades in a majority of completed courses or is simply having a hard time in one course because of the claimed poor teaching. I need to be careful since no matter how good your GPA is there is absolutely no teaching that can reduce student effort costs to zero. You have to put in the work and make up for what you may be missing. However, if a student is really motivated with a track record of good grades as proof, I listen carefully.

Good teaching is not easy. It also takes time to pitch a course at the right level. Professors are human. If you firmly believe that something is truly wrong with the course, try and find out if other students feel the same way. Of course, you have a right to voice your concerns. The best advice on this topic I can give is before taking a course, do you research, ask around, look at reviews, and register for those Professors whom you believe will teach a good course. But remember college is not easy and productive classroom experiences require active participation on your part.

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