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Outside an Elite College: Part II

You commute, you work, you have a family, and there is no time to linger. But just as a contractor for a home restoration project would find himself without a paycheck for refusing because of he had no time to lay all the bricks needed to complete the fireplace, no excuses. You need to find a way to make your presence felt at college. Join a club, talk to a Professor, visit career services, and talk. Many years ago, a very bright student with lots of activities on her resume was accepted into a graduate program at an Ivy. She visited me on campus after having many interviews at Hedge funds, one made her an offer. She said something that stays with me to this day. I asked her what interviews were like and she responded that it was she heard while waiting for her interviews. She listened to undergraduates in interviews and said “They really know how to talk, they talk, they talk and talk.” So even with a busy schedule, find some time to talk. Build intellectual interests that separate you from bots. Do not attend college as though you are doubled-parked. Your future self will thank-you.

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