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Outside of an Elite College

Decades of teaching outside of elite college have taught me so much. First, growing up, I had little idea of what all the fuss was about. You went to the college on a Hill (QC) if you had good grades. Besides that, I did not worry. I did not expect or in any way foresee the mad scramble to get a seat in an elite college. From the teaching side, I never expected so many students to believe that magic happens at elite colleges, and as a result, they should keep their heads down when the topic of college is raised. Honestly, most Professors do not help with this issue. I still cringed when I consider some of the comments made in my undergraduate classes. My advice is that they have the problem, not you. When I look back, I know that my undergraduate education at QC provided much intellectual engagement that was top-notch. It is almost as though a homeowner in the presence of mansions thinks well, there are nicer homes than I have so I will not do anything to make my house nice. Sounds crazy? Well, you must make your undergraduate house a home. You may come out living in a mansion.

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